Subgear XP-H Dive Computer
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SUBGEAR Computers and Instruments are designed and manufactured by our team of experts to the highest standards, and use only the highest quality components so you can dive with confidence every time

The XP-H is a digital pressure gauge combined with a version of the XP10 computer with several exciting new features. This combo, digital SPG & dive computer is very easy to use and light weight - excellent for travel! 

  • Nitrox settings between 21% and 100%
  • Digital Pressure gauge
  • Alarms you can set for Low air and "turn-around"
  • Gauge Mode
  • PDIS- Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops
  • Basic choice of adjustments without the need of a PC
  • Adjustable ppO2 between 1.0 and 1.6bar
  • Back light, visual and audible alarms
  • Timer for Safety Stops
  • Data can be transmitted via infrared interface (IrDA) withDive.Log software to a Windows® PC

This XP-H is a special close-out.

  • Item #: 805.834.100
  • Manufacturer: Scubapro

Subgear XP-H Dive Computer

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